Doctoral Candidates


Angelica Mori

IMT Atlantique and UoA


Angelica is a doctoral candidate in Psychology with research interests in both neuroscience and psychology. Her research links the latest technological innovation, such as augmented reality, with psychology in order to find a way to drive a new approach in which science and theories can find a place together. Further areas of interest are early diagnosis, perception disturbances, consciousness, and clinical and mental disorders. She is a doctoral student who is working in a research team evaluating the psychological impact, in terms of perception, of determining the differences between reality and augmented reality.
She is passionate, innovative and driven to achieve excellent outcomes for herself and her career. She is motivated and committed to her purpose. She has obtained an Honour Bachelor’s Degree in Science and Techniques of Psychology and an Honour Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and has collaborated with Santa Chiara Hospital in both psychological and psychiatric units.


Her research interests are Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Mental disorder, Neuroscience, Perception and Augmented Reality.

Angelica enjoys taking time to give space to her hobbies, like painting, training, reading, walking in nature and meditating.