Didier Raffestin

Senior Researcher, Leader of the Research Group PETRUX within CELIA
CNRS - University of Bordeaux


Didier Raffestin has a background in space engineering and completed his, Master in astrophysics in 1991, and later in 2004, in Laser and Plasmas physics. He spent 6 years at the CEA center in Fontenay aux Roses as research leader on risk analysis, dispersion code, radiation protection, representative in Coordinated Research Program at the IAEA related to regulation, coordination of European commission projects. He later moved to CEA/CESTA where for 6 years he was working on safety and radiation protection issues related to laser/matter interaction. Later he became link physicist, in charge of laser plasma experiments on the LIL, Alisé, and LMJ laser facilities and of the experimental system of the multi Petawatt Laser PETAL. Since 2017 he is at the CELIA laboratory of the University of Bordeaux where is group leader of the experimental research team PETRUX.