AUFRANDE offers best-practice multi-faceted, multi-modal group and individual training on relevant knowledge and competencies for doctoral candidates. Each recruited researcher, together with their supervisors, will elaborate a personalised training plan according to their research and career objectives.

All AUFRANDE researchers will be enrolled in a dual PhD program, in both France and Australia, and will therefore benefit from a tailored mentoring and the doctoral courses available at both universities. They will also benefit from being part of an international multi-disciplinary consortium and will have access to content from other partners.
Each AUFRANDE researcher will carry out secondments and short visits based on their specific career interests, including a six to twelve month stay in Australia.

In parallel, AUFRANDE annual training schools, in France and Australia, will gather all the doctoral candidates, their supervisors, and representative from other consortium members. AUFRANDE training schools will facilitate collaborative learning in peer-groups and engaging training sessions delivered by topic experts. They will provide an excellent opportunity for community building and getting feedback from other participants on individual research projects.
Non-academic partners will have an active participation in the training program.