Doctoral Candidates


Faizan Zarreen Simnani

EC Lyon and RMIT


Faizan Zarreen Simnani is a Ph.D. candidate at EC Lyon & RMIT University, focusing on hybrid nanozymes for sensing and therapeutic applications. He earned his master’s degree in biotechnology from KIIT University, India. During his master’s, he explored nanotoxicity using the zebrafish model and the green synthesis of nanoparticles for biomedical applications.

His work has resulted in a few review and research articles, including recognition in a flagship journal “Materials Today.” Faizan’s collaborative spirit is demonstrated through a joint master’s thesis in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark and KIIT University. He seeks continuous exploration and growth as he delves into the dynamic world of research in diagnosis and therapeutics.


His research interests are hybrid nanozymes, multifunctional nanomaterials, biosensing and diagnostics, nanomaterials, therapy and antimicrobial.

In his free time, he enjoys mobile photography, poetry writing and bogging.