Doctoral Candidates


Hamza Nisar



Hamza Nisar is a dedicated energy systems researcher whose passion lies in advancing solar energy and energy-efficient technologies. With a keen interest in sustainable solutions, His work delves into the realm of solar energy and its potential to mitigate heat island effects, ultimately contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

His practical experience includes work as an Energy Analyst and involvement in AI algorithm development, demonstrating his ability to translate research into tangible advancements with real-world impact.

Hamza’s academic journey reflects his commitment to excellence. He completed his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and pursued his master’s in energy systems. During his academic pursuits, His research expertise became evident through his notable publications on floating solar PV, showcasing his deep understanding of emerging technologies in the solar energy sector.
Driven by a thirst for knowledge, His interests extend beyond traditional boundaries. He is passionate about data-driven approaches to achieving energy-efficient systems. This enthusiasm for cutting-edge methodologies positions him at the forefront of innovative research and solutions in the energy domain.

His commitment to energy-efficient technologies, coupled with his research interest in solar energy and heat island mitigation, sets him apart as a driving force in the field. As he continues to explore experimental and data-driven solutions and bridge the gap between solar energy and sustainability, his work promises to inspire and shape the future of energy systems.


His research interests are Solar Energy, Energy Enhancement, Urban Heat Island, Energy Efficiency, Energy Modelling, Artificial Intelligence, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Buildings.

In his leisure time, Hamza enjoys pursuing photography, hiking, and cycling.