Doctoral Candidates


Guru Santhosh Irvichetty



Guru Santhosh Irvichetty, a native of Tirupati (spiritual capital) in Southern India, is a dynamic individual whose journey blends academic excellence, industrial innovation, and a deep commitment to sustainable development. He holds a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the esteemed National Institute of Technology Andhra Pradesh. However, his insatiable curiosity propelled him further, leading him to achieve a master’s degree in Manufacturing Science and Engineering from the University of Hyderabad. During this journey, Santhosh immersed himself in cutting-edge research, delving into the selective laser melting of H13 tool steel to contribute significantly to an industrial project to prolong the life of pressure die-casting core pins.
Santhosh’s professional journey continued as he joined the Center for Solar Energy Materials at ARCI, India, as a postgraduate trainee. Here, his focus shifted towards sustainable energy solutions. His work revolved around solar absorber coatings for stainless steel and formulating antireflective coatings for glass. This endeavour showcased his technical prowess and highlighted his commitment to sustainable solutions for societal betterment.
Santhosh’s multifaceted personality extends beyond academia. He is an ardent practitioner of yoga, which aids in balancing his intellectual pursuits with inner peace. A cricket all-rounder, his skill on the field mirrors his dynamic approach to life. His leadership skills shone as he assumed the student representative role for his master’s batch.
The lens of Santhosh’s life isn’t limited to the laboratory; he captures the beauty of nature through his photography. This artistic pursuit reminds us of the importance of appreciating the world around us. As he forges ahead on his path of higher education, he not only carries a degree and a comprehensive approach to crafting a more promising world.


His research interests are Mechanics, Architectured materials, Additive Manufacturing, Fatigue, Metallurgy, Microscopy & Microanalysis.