Doctoral Candidates


Marta Stentella



Marta is a physicist whose research interests lie in applying physics to the Earth sciences to contribute to the study of the changes impacting our world today, especially in extreme natural environments. Over the years, she has actively participated in various volunteer activities and co-founded a startup with the aim of creating a device for real-time sign language translation. Through these experiences, Marta developed a deep-seated desire and passion to invest her energies in a cause she believes in and work where the impact is tangible.
For this reason, Marta pursued a master’s degree in astrophysics and gravitational physics before transitioning to the field of natural sciences to further her research and leverage physics for these purposes. The Aufrande project embodies this opportunity. During her doctoral studies, Marta will have the privilege of investigating the marginal ice zone in Antarctica, the seasonal ice region that separates the blue water from the established pack ice. Specifically, she will utilize satellite data to study the action of ocean waves on these ice formations and how the effects of this action can be incorporated into numerical climate models.


Her research interests are Sea Ice, Remote Sensing, Climate system, Ocean and Modelling.

Marta enjoys outdoor sports and activities, theatre and music.