Doctoral Candidates


Shahaz Shahul Hameed

EC Lyon and SUT


Shahaz S Hameed is a Ph.D. candidate in a joint program between Ecole Centrale de Lyon in France and Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. His research focuses on advancing the field of integrated nonlinear optics with 2D materials, aiming to push beyond the conventional integration of these materials with Si or SiN waveguides. The core of his work centers on creating highly efficient nonlinear devices.

His academic journey began with a master’s degree in Photonics from the International School of Photonics at Cochin University of Science and Technology in India. An enriching experience during his academic pursuits was the participation in an international student exchange program between his home university and ENNSAT-University of Rennes1 in France. This unique opportunity allowed him to complete his final semesters of his master’s degree and conduct a master thesis project focusing on developing coherent high Q-factor WGM microresonator light sources.

During his first year of the master’s degree in 2022, he had the opportunity to participate in the MITACS Globalink Research Internship Program for a duration of three months, held at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver in Canada. During this internship, he delved into the study of the Laser frequency locking method using a saturation absorption spectroscopy setup.


His research interests are Nonlinear optics, Microresonators, Laser physics and Light-matter interaction.

Beyond academics, Shahaz dedicates hisfree time to solving Rubik’s cube, star gazing, and exploring the great outdoors through hiking and traveling.