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XLIM (UMR 7252 CNRS University of Limoges, University of Poitiers) is a multidisciplinary research institute located on 5 geographical sites in Limoges, Brive, Poitiers and Angoulême. The Institute is supported by the local authorities, primarily by the New Aquitaine region, and actively participates in the animation of the competitiveness clusters within its perimeter, in particular the Alpha-RLH cluster of which XLIM is a founding member.

The Institute is organised into 6 axes and 1 research group based on two platforms PLATINOM and PREMiSS. PLATINOM is a technology and instrumentation platform for optics and microwaves and PREMiSS is a system modelling and simulation platform. The Institute’s internationally recognised core competencies are in electronics, photonics, mathematics, computer science and imaging.

Since March 2011, XLIM and IRCER (IRCER, UMR7315 CNRS University of Limoges) have been the holders of the LABEX Sigma-LIM. The research theme is “”From specific ceramic materials and components to integrated, secured and smart communicating systems””. The LABEX Sigma-LIM was renewed in January 2020. Since April 2020, the two units are also involved in the TACTIC University Graduate School.
XLIM brings together more than 470 teacher-researchers, CNRS researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff, including nearly 230 PhD and post-doctoral students.

Working conditions for the recruited researchers

The University of Limoges offers a 36-months full-time work contract (with the option to extend up to a maximum of 42 months), with 2-months probation period and 35 working hours per week.

Benefits include

· Access to all the necessary facilities and laboratories of the photonics group.
· Tuition fees exemption.
· 47 days paid holiday leave.
· Sick leave.
· Parental leave.

Conditions for PhD enrolment

The minimum requirement for admission to a PhD degree is the completion of a two-year Master’s degree with a major research component.

More information:

Important: as XLIM Laboratory (University of Limoges) is subjected to ZRR (Zone à Régime Restrictif) regulation, hiring choices must be approved by the Haut Fonctionnaire Securité Défense (HFSD).