DC-61 – A strategic assessment approach to evaluating interactions between offshore wind energy and commercial fisheries

DC-29 – Advanced surface modified materials for Li-ion batteries

DC-21 – Nanoparticle based catalysis

DC-19 – Modelling wall pressure fluctuation spectrum beneath a boundary layer submitted to pressure gradient

DC-11 – Development of photonic integrated circuits for neuromorphic secure accelerators in LNOI platforms

DC-18 – Soft Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning for Turbulence Modelling in Dense Gas Flows

DC-44 – Impact of urban PV systems on atmospheric flows and heat island effect

DC-53 – Mitigation of Solar Photovoltaic Heat Island effect and Energy performance enhancement.

DC-53 – Photovoltaic integration in urban environment

DC-49 – Advanced battery electrolytes and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy

DC-45 – High pressure and Li-ion batteries

DC-44 – Photovoltaïc integration in urban environment

DC-28 – Diffusivity of lithium ions in high-energy positive electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries

DC-27 – High energy Metal-ion batteries developed with electrolytes based on Organic Ionic Plastic Crystals and stabilized solid-solid electrode-electrolyte interfaces

DC-25 – Polymer-ionic liquid composites for Li(Na) batteries: toward new polymer-based solid electrolytes

DC-18 – Reinforcement learning for real gas turbulence modelling