DC-7 – Millennial-to-orbital-scale climate changes over the past 2 Ma reconstructed from natural archives

DC-62 – Understanding and predicting seagrass decline in lagoonal environment

DC-61 – A strategic assessment approach to evaluating interactions between offshore wind energy and commercial fisheries

DC-60 – Extracting Essential Ocean Variables for benthic habitats and fishes from existing, mature protocols

DC-36 – The fluid and granular mechanics of magmatic sulphide ore formation

DC-19 – Modelling wall pressure fluctuation spectrum beneath a boundary layer submitted to pressure gradient

DC-3 – Snow on Antarctic Sea Ice

DC-4 – Surface mass balance of the Antarctic Megadune plateau

DC-6 – Conceptual Models of Global Climate for the Mid-Pleistocene Transition

DC-48 – Investigating the interplay between behavioural plasticity and ecophysiology of coral reef fish to environmental change

DC-48 – Coral reef fish ecology

DC-25 – Polymer-ionic liquid composites for Li(Na) batteries: toward new polymer-based solid electrolytes

DC-6 – The Mid-Pleistocene Climatic Transition

DC-5 – Climatic extremes in Antarctica

DC-4 – Ice core climate and chemistry

DC-3 – Snow on Antarctic Sea Ice