Dr. Jacob Olchowka

CNRS Researcher in the research group "Energy: Materials and Batteries"


Jacob OLCHOWKA, is a junior CNRS researcher at the « Institut de Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Bordeaux ». In 2015, he obtained a common PhD between the UCCS (Unité de Catalyse et de Chimie du Solide – Lille, France) and the University of Siegen (Germany), during which he investigated the relationship between structure and optical properties of bismuth based materials and developed excellent skills in various synthesis methods, structural characterization and optical spectroscopy. Convinced that the optimization of materials performance goes through a design of the material (morphology, size, porosity, composition …) and hence through a control and a comprehension of synthesis reactions, he decided to focus his post-doctoral researches (in Siegen (Germany) and Geneva (Switzerland)) on the development of new low-temperature ionothermal syntheses for inorganic nanomaterials and the comprehension of the ionic liquid role in the synthesis mechanisms. In 2017, Jacob joined the group “Energy: Material and Batteries” at ICMCB and currently focuses his research on the controlled-synthesis of positive electrodes for Na-ion/Li-ion batteries and metal-ion/hybrid supercapacitors, and investigates the structure/composition/morphology/electrochemical performance relationship. More recently, Jacob started to work actively in the Li-ion batteries recycling area and took the responsibility of the Bachelor program focused on “Recycling and Material Valorization” at University of Bordeaux. To date, he is co-author of 36 peer-reviewed publications and gave 13 oral presentations at international or national conferences.