Prof. Bruce H. Thomas

Director of the Australian Research Centre for Interactive and Virtual Environments
University of South Australia


Professor Bruce H. Thomas is currently at the University of South Australia.

He is currently a CSIRO Adjunct Science Fellow, Senior Member of the ACM, Senior Member of the IEEE, and Visiting Professor (Global) Keio University. His current research interests include: wearable computers, user interfaces, augmented reality, virtual reality, visualisation, CSCW, tabletop display interfaces, and the use of cognitive psychology in virtual environments research.

Professor Thomas has over 300 publications, has been cited over 10200 times, and has an h-index of 51 as calculated by Google Citations. His experience includes working at the UniSA STEM Academic Unit, University of South Australia since 1990. He has run his own computer consultancy company. He was a Computer Scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (A major US government laboratory for the Department of Commerce.), and a software engineer for the Computer Sciences Corporation and the General Electric Company.