Prof. Christophe Ménézo

Head of LOCIE (process, energy, building) laboratory CNRS/USMB Head of French Solar Energy Federation (FédEsol CNRS)
University of Savoy Mont Blanc


Pr. Ménézo is full professor at university Savoie Mont Blanc. He is in charge of the Green/smart building topic in the French/Singaporean Network on Renewable Energy. He has been Head of Research Chair “Habitats and Energy Innovations”, INSA of Lyon/Electricity of France from January 2011 to December 2015. He has been Associate Professor at the University Lyon1/IUT for 8 years (1999-2007). His current research focuses on Building Integrated Solar Components (especially on photovoltaic and hybrid photovoltaic/thermal components) and on the redefinition of the envelope (roof and facades) in order to include dynamic (seasonal or daily variation) and active features (energy production and augmented ventilation). He is also working on the prediction of solar PV production at the scale of urban territories. He published more than 60 international papers on academic approaches as well as on applied hybrid solar technology, BIPV, adaptive façade and solar cadastre.

He has been visiting professor at the University of the New South Wales, Sydney; City-U Hong-Kong; NTU Singapour, … He has developed several other international collaborations with: University of Genoa (Italy), Fraunhoffer Institute – ISE (Freiburg_ Germany), University of the New South Wales (Sydney), Chaire T3e – ETS Montreal (Canada), NTU Singapour He is regular member of international PhD committees as external reviewer. : Unsw Sydney, City-U Hong-Kong,Indian Institute of Technology – Dehli – India.He is also regular reviewer for the Scientific Journals: Exp. Thermal Fluid Science, Energy and Buildings, Building and Environment, Solar Energy, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells.