Prof. Dr. Delphine Wolfersberger

Photonics Group leader LMOPS laboratory


Delphine Wolfersberger received her PhD in Physics in 1999 on the experimental and theoretical study of photorefractive self-focusing of a laser pulse for optical limitation application.

Since September 1999, Delphine Wolfersberger has been a teacher-researcher at Supélec (since 2015 CentraleSupélec) where she pursues her research activities on nonlinear optics & photonics for applications in optical telecommunications, the nonlinear dynamics of semiconductor lasers and the propagation of unconventional beams (Airy and Bessel beams).

She is the head of the photonics team and a member of the Chair in Photonics of CentraleSupélec. Delphine Wolfersberger is the LMOPS Sustainable Development correspondent for CentraleSupélec.

Since 2018, she has also held the position of International Relations Delegate for the Metz Campus with responsibility for the Luxembourg zone.

Delphine Wolfersberger is the author of 73 publications in peer-reviewed journals, and about 80 publications in conferences including 17 invited talks.

She has been till 2012 French national delegate of the European action COST MP0702 and was also the leader of a collaborative project PHC with the Australian National University ANU- Canberra (2008-2010).

Delphine Wolfersberger was also until 2017 a member of the Belgian collaborative network in Photonics (IAP Photonics@be). She was also co-organizer of several international conferences. In 2015, Delphine Wolfersberger was involved in the International Year of Light at CentraleSupélec with the Museum Pompidou Center in Metz.

She also participated in the development of an educational box for middle school students e-Lumi – on photonics themes related to energy, telecommunications, vision and digital.