Prof. Matthieu Lancry

Group Leader at the MAP research group/ICMMO Lab
Université Paris Saclay


Research opportunities: M. Lancry is a full Professor at the University of Paris Saclay. He obtains his PhD on 8 December 2004 in Physics of the Lasers, Atoms and Molecules lab (PhLAM) under the direction of M. Douay in France. This research lab is recognized as one of the best in the world for the UV fabrication of fiber Bragg Gratings in various optical materials. In 2005, he joined the consortium Alcatel/Draka Comteq in order to work in the “silica expertise group” as R&D researcher. In october 2006, he joined the University of Paris Sud as permanent associated professor. Since 2015, he is group leader of the MAP (Advanced Materials for Photonics) research group.

Full time Professor: Research and teaching activities of Prof. Lancry are related to a large range from glass elaboration up to the optical communications. This work in particular allowed him to look further into the fields of photonics, optical fiber manufacturing, laser irradiation effects on the microscopic and macroscopic properties of silica glasses as well as in physics-chemistry of silica-based glasses. This led to international recognition e.g. 7 invited book chapters and 35 invited conferences. His actual interest is the frontier knowledge of silica-based materials manufacturing and their nano/micro-structuration by means of various laser irradiations and this in order to create applications in photonics, polarimetry, optical telecommunication.