Prof. Mauricio Camargo Pardo

Laboratory director of the ERPI laboratory at the University of Lorraine
Université de Lorraine


Mauricio Camargo is full professor on Management of Technology and Innovation at the Ecole Nationale en Génie des Systèmes et de l’Innovation of Nancy (The Industrial Engineering School of the University of Lorraine -France), and Director of the ERPI Laboratory (Research team on Innovative processes). BSc. On Chemical Engineering Universidad Nacional de Colombia. PhD on Automatics of Industrial and Human systems form the Université de Valenciennes et de Hainaut Cambresis in France. His main research interests are: New Product Development, decision making in innovation processes and technology strategy. He is co-author of more than 80 publications and 10 invited chapters, has been invited to give 8 invited talks. He has (co-) supervised more than 15 PhD students.