Prof. Raj Das

Group Leader, Simulation of Advanced Materials and Structures Group
RMIT University


Prof Raj Das is the Full Professor of Aerospace Structures and leads the ‘Simulation of Advanced Materials and Structures (SAMS)’ research group in the ‘Sir Lawrence Wackett Defence and Aerospace Centre’ of RMIT University (Australia). He had been a ‘Program Director’ in the Aerospace Engineering and Aviation discipline of the School of Engineering. He is also an honorary academic in the University of Auckland, New Zealand and the University of Quebec, Canada.

Prof Das has nearly 20 years of experience in the design, analysis and optimisation of engineering materials and structures with a focus on computational mechanics, structural optimisation, composite structures, failure analysis, and damage tolerance design. Prof Das has published more than 300 papers in international journals and conferences in collaboration with several universities, institutes and industries. Prof Das has a PhD from Monash University, Australia in Applied Mechanics, and has previously worked in the University of Auckland (New Zealand), the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Australia), and the University of Manchester (UK).

Prof Das is associated with various scientific and technical societies broadly related to Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. He is currently the President of the ‘International Congress on Mechanical Behaviour of Materials (ICM)’ and represents Australia as a ‘Director’ in the Executive Committee of the ‘International Congress on Fracture (ICF)’. He is also the Chair of the ‘Australia Section of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers’. Within Australia, Prof Das serves as the Chair of the ‘National Committee on Applied Mechanics’ and in the executive committee of the ‘National Committee on Space Engineering’ of Engineers Australia. Prof Das has been elected as a ‘Fellow’ of Engineers Australia (FIEAust). He has chaired/co-chaired several well-known conferences (ICM-13, ACAM-8, ACCM-3, ICCM-6, etc).

Prof Das has been granted several national and international awards and fellowships, including the ‘Science Award’ by the Sustainable Aviation and Energy Research Society, ‘RMIT Team Award for Impact and Collaboration as part of the Multifunctional Composite Materials Group, ‘Computational Methods Award’ by ICCM, ‘Jim & Hazel D. Lord Emerging Faculty Fellowship’, ‘Research Excellence Award’, and ‘AUEA Emerging Researcher Award’ by the University of Auckland. He has received the ‘CONICYT award’ from the Government of Chile, ‘Certificate of Merit Award’ from the International Association of Engineers, Hong Kong, ‘UQAC Visiting Fellowship’ from the University of Quebec, Canada, and ‘Visiting Researcher Fellowships’ from the Sapienza University, Italy and the University of Cape Town, South Africa.