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Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon


INSA Lyon is major research center in France charged with educational and research missions. It is marked by a very high degree of synergy between education and research, and by close ties and rich and productive collaborations with different socio-economic sectors. INSA Lyon’s research strategy seeks to respond to major scientific, technological, environmental and societal challenges.

Each year, INSA Lyon welcomes more than 6,000 students, 600 PhD students and graduates more than 1,000 engineers and 150 doctors.
Its research efforts combine both basic and applied research, with a focus on the engineering sciences and the interfaces between different scientific disciplines, and draw on original and multidisciplinary approaches. Close links established with businesses and communities over many years serve to ground INSA Lyon’s research efforts in the economic and institutional issues that are important to our society. These interactions are also a source of new scientific questions and original work.

Our research strategy aims to develop work at the highest international level of scientific excellence in the major engineering disciplines, but also to develop a responsible and societally oriented research approach in line with the foundational human values of INSA Lyon, as established by the institution’s two founding fathers, Gaston Berger and Jean Capelle, in 1957.

Our efforts are structured and driven by five major societal challenges:
• Energy for sustainable development
• Environment: natural, industrial and urban environments
• Information and digital society
• Global health and bio-engineering
• Transportation: structures, infrastructure and mobility

Working conditions for the recruited researchers

INSA Lyon offers a 36-months full-time work contract (with the option to extend up to a maximum of 42 months) with a 2 months probation period and 35 working hours per week.

Benefits include

· Access to all the necessary facilities and laboratories.
· Tuition fees exemption.
· 25 days paid holiday leave.
· Maternity leave (if any) : 112 days.
· Paternity leave (if any) : 28 days.

Conditions for PhD enrolment

Applicants must hold a Master’s degree.

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