Prof. Damien Fabregue

Vice-President for International Relations and Member of MATEIS Lab


After a PhD on mechanics of Materials at Grenoble and a post-doc at the Catholic University of Louvain la Neuve in Belgium, Damien Fabrègue has been appointed assistant professor in 2006 at INSA Lyon. He has been in charge of studying the relationship between microstructure of metallic alloys and their mechanical properties. His field of expertise is the optimization of rapid heat treatments (Joule heating, welding,….) in order to obtain better mechanical resistance. He has been awarded the Jean Rist Medals in 2012. He obtained a full professor position at MATEIS Lab in 2015. He has been deeply involved in study abroad programs in the Materials Science Department and then on the Internationalization at INSA Lyon. He has been appointed Vice-President for International Relations of INSA Lyon in 2019. Damien Fabrègue has published more than 100 scientific papers in A-rank journals and has been cited over 3000 times (h-index 32). He supervised more than 30 PhD students and took part in around 40 PhD committees. He has been the coordinator of several international research projects and he is an elected member of the Scientific Board of the Institute of Engineering Science at the CNRS.