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1st July 2024 - Recruitment

Third call for applicants launched

AUFRANDE is recruiting for more than 15 doctoral research positions as part of its highly ambitious interdisciplinary program, bringing together universities, research institutes and non-academic institutions worldwide.

Each open position proposes three research projects from which applicants are invited to choose the option that best suits them.

AUFRANDE researchers will benefit from high standards and excellent working conditions in France, including international experience with a long-term stay in Australia, access to research discipline experts, and top-level training, as well as close interactions with academic and industry leaders across the world, enhancing their career potential and employability.

The program aims to recruit 64 doctoral researchers in total.

The second call for applicants will close on 27 August at 11:59 PM CEST.

See the positions.

AUFRANDE is co-funded by the European Union and committed to the MSCA’s best practices for providing sustainable training and international, interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral mobility.