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Optical physics

Integrated photonic circuits

Sebastian Alveteg
CentraleSupélec and Macquarie

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Project Brief

Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs) offer a potential solution to overcome many of the limitations that are inherent to electronic circuits. Given the ever increasing demand for bandwidth, the development of fibre-coupled devices for all-optical telecommunication is therefore a highly active field of research.
In collaboration with the company Modular Photonics, the project Sebastian will be part of will investigate the design and the fabrication of complex waveguiding structures for all-optical information processing, in particular 1:N splitters for optical interconnect applications. Very recently, researchers from CentraleSupélec have demonstrated that fully controllable multichannel waveguides can be induced in photorefractive materials by counterpropagating Bessel beams.Sebastian will build on this work with the ultimate aim of demonstrating a functional device. As a complementary technique, the femtosecond laser direct-write method can be used to fabricate three-dimensional waveguiding structures in transparent dielectrics. Very recently, researchers from Macquarie University have developed the first designer glass specifically optimized for that purpose. As part of this project,Sebastian will design optical interconnects which will be fabricated in this glass and the advantages and limitations of both approaches will be analyzed.