Assoc. Prof. Laurent Maxit

Member of laboratory of vibration and acoustics


Laurent Maxit is an Associate Professor at INSA Lyon. He is a member of the laboratory of vibration and acoustics ( which is affiliated to the laboratory of excellence CeLyA, Centre Lyonnais of Acoustics ( and of the Carnot Institute “Engineering at Lyon” ( His research activities mainly focus on the development of innovative vibro-acoustic modelling techniques for predicting the noise radiated from complex vibrating mechanical structures in medium and high frequencies. Innovative industrials are using vibration and acoustic modelling to design their products faster and with high acoustic and vibration performance. However, a single universal vibro-acoustic method covering the whole frequency range of interest does not exist. The “low frequency” range analysis is well-established and can be modelled by deterministic element-based approaches like the finite element method whereas the “high frequency” range is partially addressed by the Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) method. Vibro-acoustic modelling is problematic using either approach for mid-frequency analysis due to the high computational cost or violation of the model assumptions. Maxit’s research attempts to propose new modelling techniques for addressing the mid to high frequency range with particular attention to their practicality in industrial applications. These efforts have been focused on the modelling and the analysis of the sound radiation and transmission of cars / truck cabins, and ship structures under various excitations like turbulence flow or heavy fluid loading. Some numerical methods have been either implemented in dedicated software specified by customer companies or in commercialised codes/software.