Dr. Sara Diglio

CNRS researcher at the SUBATECH laboratory
IMT Atlantique


Sara DIGLIO is member of the Xénon group at the SUBATECH laboratory in Nantes, France. Her scientific interests range from particle and astroparticle physics to detector technologies.

Sara participated in the frontier of high energy physics within the ATLAS collaboration at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN for 10 years focusing on the Higgs boson and beyond the standard model physics searches. Since 2015, she joined the ambitious and exciting projects to find direct evidences of the existence of Dark Matter and to exploit the nature of neutrinos using liquid Xenon Time projection chambers.

At present Sara DIGLIO is contributing to the XENON Dark Matter Project and is also involved in the future DARWIN project that will furtherly increase the Dark Matter discovery and rare events physics potentials in the years to come.

Sara DIGLIO is the French PI of the CNRS-Melbourne joint collaboration. She is associate investigator of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics in Australia and scientific supervisor of three PhD joint programs between the SUBATECH laboratory and the University of Melbourne. She is member of the Speaker Bureau of the XENON collaboration.
Sara DIGLIO is also an elected member of the bureau of the section01 of the Comité National de la Recherche Scientifique (CoNRS).