Prof. Christophe Corre

Research group "Turbulence and Instabilites" at the Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory (LMFA UMR 5509)
École Centrale de Lyon


Christophe Corre joined Ecole Centrale de Lyon and the Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory as Full Professor of Fluid Mechanics in 2014. His teaching activities address compressible fluid mechanics, the numerical simulation of flows and engineering optimization. His research activities, performed within the Turbulence and Instabilities research group cover three key areas : (1) the development of efficient methods for the simulation of hydrodynamic or aerodynamic flows, (2) the robust simulation of complex (two-phase, non-Newtonian, dense gases) flows, and (3) the analysis and optimization of flows including uncertainties. He has developed a strong collaboration with Alexis Giauque, from LMFA Turbomachinery research group , to study turbulence in dense gas flows of interest for renewable energy applications. Their current joint research effort is directed towards designing relevant LES and RANS models for dense gas flows using physics-based machine-learning. AUFRANDE also initiates a collaboration on this topic with Prof. Emilie Sauret from Queensland University of Technology.

Christophe Corre