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École Centrale de Lyon


École Centrale de Lyon is one of the leading scientific graduate schools in France. Steeped in history, Ecole Centrale de Lyon is evolving while continuing to preserve the qualities that fortify its strengths, bolster its prestige and reinforce its appeal. Ranked in the top 5.5% in the 2020 CWUR World University Rankings, some 450 “ingénieurs” (degree equivalent to Master of Science) graduate every year. About 300 researchers work on campus in six main laboratories associated with the French National Centre for Research (CNRS), including the Lyon Nanotechnology Institute (INL), the Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory (LMFA) and the AMPERE laboratory (electrical engineering). In a context marked by increased international competition and by new economic and societal expectations, Centrale Lyon is implementing a dynamic scientific policy, structured around 5 major priorities: nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, transport, energy, environment and bioengineering.

École Centrale Lyon boasts 5 doctoral schools and offers its doctoral students excellent technical training, as well as extensive training and resources in complementary research skills, often in connection with industry.

Working conditions for the recruited researchers

École Centrale de Lyon offers a 36-months full-time work contract (with the option to extend up to a maximum of 42 months). The employment contract includes a probation period of one month, which may be renewed once for a period not exceeding the initial duration. The total working hours per week is 35h.

Benefits include

• Access to all the necessary facilities and laboratories at EC Lyon.
• Tuition fees exemption.
• 27 days paid holiday leave.
• Sick leave.
• Parental leave.

Conditions for PhD enrolment

To be admitted in a Doctorate program, Applicants must hold a Master’s degree (foreign degrees are examined by the doctoral schools to determine whether they are equivalent to a master’s).

More information:

Important: the authorisation of the Defence Security Officer may be required before admission. In case of denial, the enrolment will not be carried out.