DC-39 – Deep ultraviolet generation from high-energy mid-infrared fiber laser drive

DC-20 – Quantum optics on Lithium Niobate On Insulator platform

DC-15 – Thin film lithium niobate nonlinear photonics

DC-63 – Rare earth doped microstructures for integrated optics made by pulsed laser deposition

DC-14 – Mid-Infrared integrated nonlinear photonics

DC-11 – Development of photonic integrated circuits for neuromorphic secure accelerators in LNOI platforms

DC-16 – Advanced Soliton Physics in Integrated photonic circuits

DC-17 – Integrated Nonlinear Optics with 2D Materials

DC-47 – Integrated photonic circuits

DC-53 – Mitigation of Solar Photovoltaic Heat Island effect and Energy performance enhancement.

DC-53 – Photovoltaic integration in urban environment

DC-47 – Integrated photonic circuits

DC-46 – Complex spatio-temporal dynamics from multimode optical fiber

DC-38 – Generation and application of high brightness light sources in the mid-infrared

DC-31 – Theoretical study targeting laser-driven nuclear interactions

DC-30 – Experimental study of laser-driven nuclear interactions

DC-35 – High-Angular Resolution Astronomy

DC-33 – Near-field effects in electromagnetism

DC-17 – Integrated nonlinear optics

DC-16 – Advanced Soliton Physics in Integrated photonic circuits

DC-13 – Hexagonal SiGe for photonics

DC-2 – Next generation of fibers optics based sensors for extreme environment applications